TIBCO Scribe Insight is an On Premise product which provides data integration and migration software solutions using, in part,  a set of data connectors.  These connectors will allow you to quickly integrate leading business applications.  It also provides connectors for protocols such as ODBC  that allow you to integrate a wide variety of diverse data sources. 

 The Scribe Insight platform consists of the following components

 Scribe Insight Server is the server where Scribe software and underlying databases are installed. It  can be installed on an existing application server or a dedicated server.

  • Scribe Insight Workbench  is the Scribe designer toolbox.  The Scribe Workbench can be installed on a Windows desktop.  Data maps between integration source and destination endpoints are created using the Workbench.  The Scribe Workbench has  powerful data validation capabilities that insure accurate migrations.
  • Scribe Insight Console controls scheduling of Scribe integration jobs.  Such jobs can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly with error handling capabilities for each job.  The Scribe Console provides email alerts and other notifications as needed.  


Scribe Insight is a powerful tool with the ability to cast a wide footprint across the IT Support spectrum.   It also scales from small, monthly integration tasks to daily tasks handling millions of records.  As certified Scribe Insight Partners, ERPSS has developed a well-defined integration methodology.  Please reach out to us so we may discuss your integration requirements.